Monday, June 1, 2009

Well....the weekend is over and back to work it is. I find myself every Monday just wishing for the weekend....and then realizing that I'm essentially wishing life away by doing that. So I've made a pledge to stop. After this next weekend:)This post is mostly going to be pictures. I promised my family more pictures from the Michigan trip. So here goes...

Olivia's babysitter is so sweet and emailed Shawn and I these pics of her this morning. She's in Candace's jumperoo for the first time and obviously loving it! By the way....these pics have nothing to do with Michigan but I had to put them in:)

So this is one surprised lady. She had no idea we were all traveling from AR and KY for her 60th bday! Happy birthday Aunt Nancy...hope it was a great one!!!

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