Monday, June 8, 2009


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did and it was, as always, too short. I've put up a few pics...enjoy!!!

This was actually Thursday night but we are going to act like this is when the weekend started. was our 4 year anniversary!!! Time definitely flies when you are having fun (cheesy, I know). But we do have fun. Shawn's parents came over Thursday night and watched Olivia while we went out to dinner. We went to Tom's Grille and had a great date and fantastic food!

Flash forward to Friday afternoon. You wouldn't think this girl just got 3 shots would you??? Well, she did and she was excellent. Of course there were a few tears...but nothing like the 2 month shots. She has cute brown leggings that go with the shirt (thanks to our great friend Amy Hedger)...but due to the shots we opted not to put them back on:)

Saturday was a big day for Olivia. Shawn had to work all day at orientation. So we went to visit at lunch. It was nap time when we got there but she kept her game face on and allowed us to pass her from person to person before she passed out on Cheryl.

For anyone that knows me well I'm not a big bow person and normally don't do bows/headbands at all. Well, I finally found a couple of headbands that aren't too tragic and most of her bows can clip into them. These sunglasses also (kindov) fit her head for the first time ever. We are ready to go walking!

My baby is going to be sitting on her own soon!!!

Big news of the weekend???? Swimming pool! Some genius invented a blow-up pool with a sun canopy that only cost $15!!! So we got it set up and decided to introduce her to the world of swimming pools. Yes, we own a swimsuit. But, only one thus far and it is in the laundry to be washed for Florida. I'm working on buying another:) And yes, she has sunscreen on.

She didn't know what to think about it at first but seemed to be loving it by the end!
It's looking good for Florida.

And the diaper is officially off. Bless her heart it was so water logged that it weighed about half her body weight.

And to end the weekend....a McDonald's milkshake for my girl!!!
Just kidding....don't get crazy:) The story is that Shawn went to get Sonic slushes for us at Happy Hour. Why did they tell him....oh we are completely out of stuff to make slushes with. What??? That is their bread and butter so I'm thinking the buyer needs to get it together. So he opted for milkshakes from McDonald's. Well she literally grabbed it from our hands and started chewing on it. I know....the germs. But it made for a great picture. Do you think she's trying to tell us something???

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  1. I finally see a little of her in you Lauren! In the pool pic...she has some of your facial features. Such a cute pic! Target rocks!