Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Travelling + Baby = LOTS OF BABY GEAR

OK. So I knew when we had our baby that it would mean additional tacky...I mean sweet....stuff all over our house. I knew it would mean car seats, bouncer, swing, bumbo seat, bassinet, extra laundry, etc, etc. And I admit that it has even exceeded my expectations. What I didn't think about was the travelling. As you know we are travelers. We love to travel and knew we would introduce baby O to it very soon in her life. We are starting small by taking a trip to Orlando later this week. We got super cheap tickets on Southwest. And we are flying direct from Nashville to Orlando. So even with the worst case will only be an hour and a half in the air. But as I started organizing this trip in my head last week I realize....even with all of the baby stuff we have laying around the's not enough!!! We needed a bag for our stroller, a bag for the car seat so we can check it, an umbrella stroller, a parasol for her umbrella like how I threw that last one in? That was definitely optional. I will discuss this more below. So I frantically get on (thankfully I still had gift cards from baby presents) and start ordering. The thing that bothers me about this is that Shawn and I are minimalists when it comes to travelling. We haven't even checked a bag in a couple of years. I'm thinking those days might be coming to a close:)

So nevertheless...I have ordered baby gear, planned out feeding on the plane in my head, and think we are ready to go!!!

Back to the parasol....I got a really great Maclaren umbrella stroller at a place called Surplus City. Maclaren strollers are great and REALLY expensive. Let's just say I got this one for very cheap. So I got on their website to look at stroller accessories and what do I see???? Baby parasols for the stroller! I got very excited and decided I def needed one but postponed buying it for a few days. So when I actually go to buy it I guess every other mom in the US did too. They were all back ordered and out of stock. I panicked. You know how you want something...but then when it becomes almost unachievable you want it even more??? That is what happened. Here's how bad it was. I frantically leave work and run home to get a better look at the colors on the stroller b/c I found one parasol that was in stock. It was in crimson and I needed to make sure it would match. Now let me tell you that just the week before I had completely reprimanded my sister for wanting to leave work early b/c she was panicked about trying to buy a dress that was flying off the racks. And now I have done the same thing. So I ordered the crimson. Only to get an email from the company that night saying...."We are sorry but we are out of crimson. However, we have black if you would like to order that." Are you kidding me? Of course I want black. It's basic and will match anything. Why was that not an option in the first place!?!

And there is some logic to the parasol. We have opted to go to Orlando/Disney World in the middle of June. We may be crazy but that is the choice we have made. If I think that the sun is getting to her or she is too hot it will be a miserable day. So I'm hoping the parasol will solve that problem....and it's cute.

Oh, one more crazy thing I have done. I have craftily "made" (actually my mother-in-law did) a onesie into a Disney world outfit and am having a bow made to match. What is wrong with me and how did this happen???? Just kidding...I love it all!

Happy travels this summer!!!

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