Monday, June 1, 2009

Shawn's trip to Korea

Remember a couple of posts ago where I talked about being a single mother for a couple of weeks??? Well, due to my husband's is all about his Korea trip!
So my husband Shawn and my brother Stephen recently got home from a 2 week trip to South Korea. There was a group of about 20 people from the university...mostly faculty/staff and a few students and they visited a university that has a strong partnership with Murray and receives a group from here every year. They had a fabulous experience but were very ready to come home! The pics below document some of the cool things they saw, crazy things they ate, and will introduce you to a bit of Korean culture. Enjoy!!!

Lets start this post off right. Anyone who knows my husband knows that we hardly go to Wal-Mart without snacks on hand. Imagine the fright that he gets thinking about going to Asia! Needless to say....he loaded up on snacks before leaving. And from what I hear took advantage of everyone else's snacks too. He claimed that he starved on the trip. All I'm going to say is that their itiniary said in multiple places.....Dunkin Donuts, Outback Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, McDonald's, etc. Can I get a witness???

They finished their 2 week stint by visiting Seoul and also getting to visit the DMZ (above). I'm assuming most of you are familiar with the DMZ....but if not....this is the border between North and South Korea that is considered neutral (in theory) territory. But it was as recent as '95 that a North Korean was shot and killed trying to cross.

Please note how nervous Shawn looks. Also note dude in glasses and helmet....he does not play.

One of the highlights for Shawn and Stephen was that they were both able to get an eye exam and buy glasses for a grand total of $50. Shawn got two pairs and the frames are super cute and trendy. And as he said..."we spoke no Korean, they spoke no English, but we were both able to have an eye exam and order glasses in an hour". And they were perfect by the way when they picked them up!

Let me just get it out there that America is a generally wasteful country. We are all the time realizing that when we travel abroad. For example, almost any hotel we have been to outside of America requires that you insert your key into a slot in order for the lights to work. Therefore you cannot leave your lights on when you are not in the room . Smart eh? Above is an example of the Koreans not wasting space and/or water. What you are seeing is their bathroom...and what could be easier than just sitting on the toilet to shower!!! Oh nothing like having to clear all of your stuff out of the bathroom every time you shower. The other fun fact is that this shower is timed. So you can hurry through it....or if you don't finish in time then you have to turn it back on. What a joy it must have been to shower there:)

Shawn with his taekwondo buddies

Please note the caption on the first picture regarding Shawn's picky eating before reading this.

So above is my little brother Stephen eating a silkworm. Yuck. I will try most anything....but a worm? No thanks. Apparently he told my gullible husband....oh these aren't bad at all. So Shawn did. Only to find that Stephen had told a big fat lie. Stephen you should be ashamed:)

Incriminating evidence that he did in fact, not starve while in Korea.

This is just a small portion of the pictures and stories from their trips. In fact we have about 350 pictures waiting to be picked up at Walgreens if you ever care to look:)

Oh and just b/c a post would not be complete without my she is!!!

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