Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show us where you live Friday!

Grandparents.....I will be posting soon about our Florida trip!

So Kelly at Kelly's Korner is doing Show Us Where You Live Friday again. Today's room is Laundry Room/Playroom/Bonus Room....whichever you choose. Unfortunately our laundry "room" is actually a laundry closet. If we ever build I will have the biggest laundry room ever in it:) We have no playroom yet...although technically every room in our house seems to be a playroom and is covered with Olivia's "play gear". So I opted to showcase the bonus room. When we bought this house a few months ago this is the ONLY room that we did not paint...or do much of anything to. But we have really enjoyed it. It's upstairs and has been perfect for my parents/in-laws/and anyone else that comes to visit. There is a full bathroom and a ton of closet space. So when we do have guests we don't have to trip over each other and they don't have to be bothered by my precious child if she were to happen to wake up during the night....which she would never do:)

This is our bonus room and what you see when you come off the stairwell. I laugh now b/c when Shawn and I first saw the headboard on this bed and the nightstand sitting at a sidewalk sale that Pier One was having....we frantically called my mom asking if $125 for both pieces was good. Ha! It was our first furniture purchase together right before we got married. The rug came from Urban Outfitters and is much cuter up close.

This is a random little shelf I refinished and stuck random things on. Told ya we didn't do much up here!
TV corner. The nesting tables it is sitting on are great and I got them for $10!!!

This is the hallway area that leads to the bathroom and the doors off of it are huge storage closets that we love!!!
Bathroom...nothing special...but it works! And is great for our guests!!!

After doing this post I've decided I might put a little more effort in this area of our house:)


  1. I love rooms that have the roof like that! I always imagined having one as a little girl. It looks pretty cute for not doing anything to it I think!:-)

  2. i think it looks just fine! if i was a guest i would feel nice and at home!

    see my home: