Sunday, August 30, 2009

So the blog fairy has gotten ahold of me b/c this is post #2 since Friday. I'm taking time out of my busy schedule of laying in the bed and watching the new episode of Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami to update friends and family on what is going on in me, Shawn...but mostly Olivia's life. I will also take this moment to tell you that I'm about 4 months behind in her baby book and am hoping this post will serve as a reminder to what she is doing at this age.

So she is seven months and one week old. Everyone told (and still tells me) how fast it will go by. And every time I smile and nod. But it is so true. It makes me sad that it is flying by so fast but happy that she is healthy and progressing normally.

So here is what is going on with her...
  • She is probably up to 17lbs now....she was 16.5 at her last dr's visit
  • Can't remember how tall (ok maybe this is a bad idea)
  • Still wearing 3-6 month size in clothes...although I think we are going to have to bump up in the near future
  • Size 2 diapers
  • I finally started her on solids at 6.5months. The plan was to wait until 6months but then we both got the flu and that went out the window. Im so glad that I waited b/c I really feel like it was the best thing for her. And on a selfish note....feeding this child is for the birds! Do you have any idea how long this has extended meal time? Shawn was feeding her the other day and in frustration said....can she just have milk forever? Yes, it is a messy disaster and takes forever. BUT....she loves it and is a good eater. She's had rice and oatmeal cereal: loves, bananas: hates, and sweet potatoes: loves. Next up? Avocados. Don't ask.
  • She goes to bed about 7:30pm every night and sleeps anywhere from 5am - 6:30pm. If she wakes up at 5am then she eats and goes back to sleep for a while.
  • She sometimes wakes up during the night. But the funny thing is that we never even have to go in there. She just chatters and talks to herself for awhile and then goes back to sleep. So funny.
  • She started crawling right at the 6 month mark and is in full swing now. We have a lot of hardwood and tile in our house and she does not like to have her knees touch it. It is sooo funny to see her try to crawl and keep her knees in the air at the same time.
  • And as of a few days ago she can pull herself up to a standing position. Although I've tried to explain to her what a "sturdy" piece of furniture to pull up on means. She doesn't get it. As today she pulled up on the rocker and knocked herself backwards about 4 times.
  • She is the happiest baby. I hope this personality stays with her forever. Even when she is tired or not feeling good she will almost always give you a smile.
  • She is a great traveler. Although I think her days of sleeping on the carseat for long periods of time are over.
  • She absolutely GLOWS in social situations. Its almost like she sits there and waits for someone to look at her so she can flash them a big grin.

Ok....I think that was more than enough unecessary information:) Can you tell that we are like head over heels for her!?!

This is what we have been finding lately when we go to check on her and she should be napping!

I mean what do I do with this?

We went to Paducah this weekend to do some shopping. And you should know that everytime someone goes to the bathroom in our house we take a picture. Every SECOND of her life is documented.

Further documentation

So when we went into Hobby Lobby we did our first attempt at no car seat and using this cool cover. The cover is so cute and soft...I'm thinking....if only someone would push me around like that. Anyway, she did good and seemed to like the view outside of the careat.

Have a great week!!!

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  1. Please don't stop the blogs...........I love it!