Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Annual LaborDayFest

Every Labor Day my mom's family gets together. We always have an amazing time and I think everyone feels blessed to have such a big, fun family. I think this year was one of the biggest b/c some of the cousins who live the furthest got to come. Now that Shawn and I are living in KY we got to host some of my fam at the house and ended up with 5 babies age 2 and under and 9 adults! Now THAT makes for an interesting weekend:) It was chaotic but we had a blast and I was not ready to tell everyone bye. I've uploaded a bunch of pics and will let them speak for themselves.

FYI...don't drink the water b/c there is an unbelieveable amount of babies in this family! By the way...did anyone make it home with our remote???

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