Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air

This is the tune I've been singing to myself for a week. That's right. A week. It took about 5 seconds after getting home from work Monday to realize that somehing was very wrong with our air conditioner. But yet it has been over a week and still no air.

Here is the short of it....we have a home warranty which is great until you have something that needs to be fixed pronto. They don't do pronto. But the upside is that with them you pay a flat $50 deductible everytime something happens. The alternative was to buy ourselves a new unit at the going rate of $4600. So you can see the motivation we had to wait for our air.

The warranty company picks the people to come and do the work. Well, the person they picked took about 30 seconds to tell us it had been struck by lightning. Shawn and I took that at face value because what do we know about air conditioners??? After telling people at work the diagnosis they started saying...that does not sound right. Get a second opinion. So we did. The 2nd opinion stated that it was out due to wear and tear. Right.

Warranty company will not pay for storm damage or "acts of God"
Homeowners insurance will not pay for wear and tear

So we have two diagnoses and two companies that we pay to insure our house. This should be easy right??? Wrong.

Homeowners still has a $1k deductible and will not cover wear and tear. Even though company #1 says lightning we are pretty sure that they do not know what they were talking about (apparently this air man was a professional photographer very recently and has done just about everything under the sun....none of which he was good at). So when the homeowners insurance sends out their adjustor they will quickly realize that it was not lightning and therefore will cover nothing.

So our best option is the warranty company. Know that we are not trying to beat the system. I can't help it that the warranty company deals with sketch people who just wanted me to pay them cash for a new unit.

So we have been battling Warrantech for over a week at this point. Shawn figured that we have logged about 40 calls with them. We have been nice and ugly. At one point I told a girl that I refused to get off the phone until I had an we just sat there for a while. And I have been drafting a letter in my head that I will send to the president of the company.

I should note this....our upstairs does have a separate unit. But I don't like to point that out b/c it makes my complaints not seem as valid. But they are valid b/c upstairs is just a bedroom. There is no kitchen, living space, or any of Olivia's stuff. But I told Shawn that we should be grateful that we have that...a lot of people wouldn't. Shawn and I debated calling again at lunch to check the status of the parts that sketch repairman is waiting shipment on. But we decided we didn't want to set ourselves up for dissapointment and have prepared ourselves that for the 9th night in a row we will not have air.

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